Friday, June 5, 2009

Haven't posted for awhile....nothing to tell, other than things were about the same.
Vision today: 20/20 binocular (both eyes open) without correction...I can still tell it is not as good as with glasses before cataracts. However, it is much better than even 3-4 days ago. I am now almost 4 wks and 3 wks post improving every day. Let's talk a minute about the quality of vision the first few weeks. Although I could see, most written material seemed to be "washed out." For those of you old enough to remember the old memeograph machines, that is what it looked like. Type was not dark, it all appeared faded. Just in the last few days, this has changed. Print is getting sharper and darker. I would have thought that would have been related to a residual glass perscription.....but it is not! I have checked my refraction every day, and for the last 2 weeks, it has not changed at all. R, -.50 + .50 x 05, & L, plano + .75 x 155. For non MDs, that is not much of a perscription.
I'm not having a significant problem working, but still require a small reading aid in very dim light, such as in an ophthalmologic exam room. But that too, is getting better. Most of my patients have told me, that vision gets better with time....the only problem is being impatient.

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