Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to 20/20

Time may change many things. My vision decreased, in both eyes, worse on the L, over the last 3 months. My vision was 20/30 +, in both eyes with the following Rx: R -.50 + .50 x 005, L +.50 + .75 x180. In normal daily activity, I had no visual problems, but operating with smaller sutures required reading glasses. I also had a fair amount of glare at night, due to the slight blur.

On May 4th, Dr. Lehmann performed an 'enhancement', a laser treatment, in both eyes. I am now 20/20 and have no visual problems at any distance, far or near. In addition, I no longer have significant glare, and see no "rings" around lights at night.

Enhancements are a fact of life, it is not a failure of your surgeon, or your eye. Even the most experienced surgeon, using the latest technology will have an enhancement rate between 5-15%. Not everyone requires or even wishes an enhancement.

All things considered: I now can do anything I wish to do, day and night, at all distances.