Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to 20/20

Time may change many things. My vision decreased, in both eyes, worse on the L, over the last 3 months. My vision was 20/30 +, in both eyes with the following Rx: R -.50 + .50 x 005, L +.50 + .75 x180. In normal daily activity, I had no visual problems, but operating with smaller sutures required reading glasses. I also had a fair amount of glare at night, due to the slight blur.

On May 4th, Dr. Lehmann performed an 'enhancement', a laser treatment, in both eyes. I am now 20/20 and have no visual problems at any distance, far or near. In addition, I no longer have significant glare, and see no "rings" around lights at night.

Enhancements are a fact of life, it is not a failure of your surgeon, or your eye. Even the most experienced surgeon, using the latest technology will have an enhancement rate between 5-15%. Not everyone requires or even wishes an enhancement.

All things considered: I now can do anything I wish to do, day and night, at all distances.


  1. Congratulations. Its been very informative following your posts to see how important management of astigmatism is in Restor patients. Looking forward to working with you soon.

  2. I had the same type of surgery you had and at the same time, you did it. I am probably the normal patient, I didn’t here possible enhancement, I only heard perfect vision. My concern is, if I have the enhancement now to help my far sightedness will I possibly need another enhancement as the astigmatism gets worse?