Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About a week ago, I noticed that the vision in my right eye was slightly worse. Since that time my visual acuity dropped from 20/20 uncorrected to 20/30, uncorrected. Interestingly, when I use my phoropter (lenses), I could correct my vision to 20/20. The problem was my posterior capsule. For non doctors: that is a membrane in which we secure the implant, and 'shrink wrap' it into place. This membrane may develop spots, striae, or turn completely white, thereby decreasing the patient's vision. My capsule changes were subtle, but noticeable. I underwent a YAG capsulotomy today. (A specialized laser which actually cuts open this membrane without making an incision in the eye.) Takes about 15 seconds. My vision improved to 20/20 within an hour.
I still am amazed at how small a change in the capsule decreased my vision without glasses, and also that with a small prescription it improved......even in the presence of my capsular changes. This experience has reminded me to look more critically at the capsule in all pts. post-operatively and laser those RESTOR pts. early, who notice changes in their vision. Until next time.......

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